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What I think of the new @Dashburst Platform - Gems and Mineral Diva

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What I think of the new @Dashburst Platform

My 2.5 Cents on Dashburst

I have been following Dashburst for some time–since being a member of Empire Avenue and I have to say that I love their magazine. Actually, it was my friend Michael Q. Todd who turned me on to Dashburst.

MichaelQTodd on Dashburst

You can find all kinds of cool content but just recently they unveiled their ย new social media platform.

I love their idea and as of this writing it is still in beta.

Here is what I love about Dashburst’s new platform:

  • The UI is similar to Tumbler when you want to post
  • Boards: they took posting to a newsfeed to a Pinterst-esque level
  • Queue: you are able to schedule posts. Recently Facebook has added this feature for the Pages, but having a posting scheduler in a social media site is a must.
  • Analytics: Imagine getting the analytics of each Tweet, Facebook post, IG post without having to leave said social media site’s website. For example, if you had analytics for each Facebook post you posted as yourself and pages, there would be an Analytics section right there in your Favorites on the left side.

Some things I would like to see included in the new Dashburst platform are:

  • A photo editor--so my profile photo won’t look scrunched. Maybe integrate Aviary.
  • Colors–Dashburst has the main background color as a dark brown. I’d love to change mine to pink or purple, not the bright ones but the soothing cozier shades like mauve or violet.
  • Groups--Here is where you could make connections and interact with them before you follow or friend them.
  • A Feed from the main Dashburst magazine–I love seeing their articles and content and if there were a section just for their stuff, it would get shared more and not just on their platform.
  • Integrate with all social media platforms--originally TSU launched and made it to where you could post to Twitter and Facebook from their platform. I would like to see this option available but with Pinterest, Google +, and other sites.
  • Followers–I would like to see a “Follow Back” link in the notifications when people follow me. Also like Facebook has your friends list, maybe a follower’s list so you can easily follow back those who are following you.

Below is a video I did showing you how to use Dashburst and explore. Enjoy!


What are your thoughts on Dashburst?


Do you have an account? Leave in in the comments below and I’ll follow you.

8 Responsesso far.

  1. joined today,looked around a bit, some people have added me, will wait and see how it evolves too soon to tell. If I can meet new people then i am satisfied.

  2. Zoran says:

    Interesting, i will try it to. Not that i’m lazy or something, but you can relay make that follow me image clickable. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thanks for taking the time to review the Dashburst Beta Johnna. We are working on many of your recommendations already and you should see those in the coming weeks. Glad to hear you like the UI. We want to make easy for users to navigate while giving them a lot of choices.

    DashBurst is centered around celebrating quality original content. On many networks this is somewhat frowned upon. We want to see your work. I’d be interested to see some of your paintings on DashBurst as well, if you have images.

    Thanks again Johnna, and I’ll see you on DB.

    • JayeSabri says:

      Hi Steven! I sent you an email and am so glad my post helped!

      The quality content thing is what I love about DB and think thats what make it stand out.

  4. Liam Douglas says:

    I recently joined by invite from the owner, the site seems pretty cool.

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