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Orange Shungite-Water #Recipe

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Orange Shungite-Water #Recipe



What is Orange Shungite-Water? It’s a yummy treat, that’s what.

Adding fruit to gem elixirs is a yummy treat for any occasion. Here is my recipe for making Shungite Water with Oranges.

You will need:

Shungite (4-5  stones depending on how much you are making. The longer you let it sit the stronger the elixir)

  • 1 Orange
  • 1 Gallon Pitcher
  • 1 cap full of vinegar (I use ACV)
  • 1 Bowl of water

Before you make the water:

Wash the Shungite in warm water and use baking soda.  You can soak it for a couple of minutes. You want to make sure the black powder is off.

Add Shungite to 1 cup of water and let soak for 24-48 hours. The longer the soak the stronger the elixir. It’s okay to use tap water because Shungite purifies it. You won’t even taste the chemical when the elixir is done.

Cover the cup with a paper towel–you want a porous material because the water needs to breathe. No need to set out in the sun unless you just want to.

After the elixir is made:

Mix the vinegar in the water then use the water to wash the orange with. Honestly it doesn’t matter if the water is tap and if the orange is GMO or organic–Shungite will fix all impurities.

Slice the orange up however you wish and add to the gallon pitcher. Add in Shungite water (be sure to remove the stones) and mix with your pick of tap or bottled water.

Chill for about an hour to get the orange flavor in and then enjoy.

Orange Shungite-Water can be made with other fruits, too. Mix and match for a delish-us treat anytime of the year.

2 Responsesso far.

  1. Nikki says:

    How many times can you use the shungite to make the water? Is there something that needs to be done to the stone before you use it again to make the water (i.e. re-energize it)? I have never done this so my question might be silly :>)…

    • JayeSabri says:

      I would just cleanse it with water and then smudge it with sage before reusing it. I’ve used mine several times now and the water is good for me 🙂 Your question is NOT silly at all!

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