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Auralite: A Stone For The Soul - Gems and Mineral Diva

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Auralite: A Stone For The Soul

Working With Auralite



The other day I had a special request to wire wrap a stone as a crown or choker (both actually) and when I found the stone waiting for me in the studio, I picked it up and this intense energy flowed through me.  


I had no idea that at the time, the energy was comprised of 23 different sources within the stone.     When I picked up the stone, an image of how it was to be wrapped popped into my head.  


I thought it was an Amethyst–it was a deep violet color fading to white at the other point–double terminated.     The energy was liquid almost like water yet warm like fire.


Of course, I was wearing my Moldavite pendant which amps up any stone’s energy. I wrapped the stone in copper and later found out it was Auralite, which is a type of Amethyst.   So I’ve done a bit of research and here is what I found out about Auralite:    


It’s known as a Soul Healer that helps you connect easier to your guides and angels. With its mix of Amethyst it helps calm the mind bringing you into that meditative trance.    


When working this stone into it’s setting, I felt my spirit guides with me stronger than before and encouraging me as I have never wrapped a stone this big into a crown.  


This was my second adjustable crown for the head. The first one was for me. Of course this one can double as a choker for your Throat Chakra.  

Auralite is also known as Auralite 23 due to these minerals mixed in:

  1. Titanite
  2. Cocoxenite
  3. Lepidocrosite
  4. Malachite
  5. Hematite
  6. Magnetite
  7. Pyrite
  8. Geothite
  9. Pyrolustite
  10. Gold
  11. Silver
  12. Platinum
  13. Nickle
  14. Copper
  15. Iron
  16. Limonite
  17. Shpalerite
  18. Covellite
  19. Chalocopyrite
  20. Gilalite
  21. Epidote
  22. Bornite
  23.  Rutile


Like Moldavite and Malachite, Auralite will amp up the energy of other stones around it.  


Wearing Auralite



When I wore it on my crown to test the weight and balance, I felt as if I had the first time when I was opened up to Moldavite. When I transferred it to my throat as the choker, the energy flowed both up and down along my spine. It was warm and almost like an embrace.


When Kiki, my friend who wanted the stone wrapped, wore it, there was another feel.



When she wore it upside down, the energy flowed into her. When she wore it right side up, it projected from her–the purple was the right side up and the white was upside down. I ducked under the energy it was that intense.


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