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Give Mom Jewelry For A Year

The Best Mother's Day Gift Ever Imagine your mother's delight when you give her a beautiful piece of jewelry–either in 14K Gold or Sterling Silver. Now imagine her surprise and delight when she opens her mail each month to a beautiful piece of jewelry! How It Works.  Just like the wine clubs my mom used […]


Why I Believe in Magic Rocks

Answering A Question That's Been Asked Several Times. Ok, I've had a few people ask me why I believe that gemstones and minerals have healing properties–and pretty much have been told, “You're nuts for believing in magic rocks,” Well I have a Question for you.  We all have to eat food because we need nutrients right? […]


Dear Creflo Dollar: Can I have a Dollar?

Dear Mr. Dollar, Can I Have A Dollar? When I first read the article on CNN about your request for your 200,00 people to give $300 each to you so you can have a personal jet, I though it was an early April Fools prank. I mean seriously? You say you want to do “God's […]


My Dream Collection: Ruby with Sapphire Core

My Pinterest Collection: My Dream Mineral and Rock Collection My Dream Collection is a Pinterest board filled with beautiful images of gems, minerals and rocks.  Below is the image of a Ruby with a Sapphire Core. Well Ruby and Sapphire are just two different colors of a mineral called Corundrum. Corundrum is a tough, hard and […]


6 Most Powerful Words To Say To Someone–featuring music by @MishkaMusic

I'll Never Give Up On You Many people out there have no one to say those words to them. Some are abused children, some are people whose family turned their backs on them and some are people who have had people give up on them. It could be a situation where a guy meets a […]


For Those Who Do Not Wear Jewerly

I Made Something Especially For You Gemstone Hair Jewelry If you can't stand the feel of bracelets or rings on your fingers or hate wearing a pendant, I have a treat for you. I am starting a line of jewelry hair accessories for your hair. Hair clips for long hair, little bobby pin gemstones (comes […]


St. Patricks Day Lucky Gemstones

St. Patricks Day Doesn't Have To Be The Only Lucky Day Of The Year! We all celebrate St. Paddy's Day with kissing strangers wearing lots of green, pinching the f*** outta those who don't, getting drunk and trying to mimic an Irish accent all in the hopes of being lucky. It's one of my favorite […]


How Can I Ace My Job Interview?

Job Interviews Can Be Owned Like A Boss.  Sometimes your skills and resume aren't enough to land you that job you want. Maybe you're too nervous, biting your nails or have sweaty hands. Maybe you secretly feel as if you can't get the job. And if that's true, then it's not your resume, but your […]


Magnetite: A Balancing Stone

Magnetite Balances On All Levels! Magnetite is a really cool mineral that will balance you. If you are hyper, it will calm you. If you are sluggish, it will energize you. If you are angry or upset, it will pacify you. How? It has this cool scientific property called positive-negative polarity. In other words, it's […]


Februarys ArtWalk Got Invaded By Storm Troopers and Mimes

Invasion of the Storm Troopers! So here I was sitting here doing my thing and making pretty sparkleys. All of a sudden this guy shows up and asks me to dance.  I told him no, (honestly I'm a horrible dancer!) then this happens! Of course, I'm so badass and gangsta I just laugh when he […]